Book: The Wim Hof Method

🚀 The Book in 3 Sentences

  1. We can affect our own immune systems and train them
  2. A cold shower a day, keeps the doctor away
  3. Mindset is everything

How I Discovered It

One day I came to the office and there was a colleague whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. Turns out he had a burnout. He explained to me that this book, or better said, this “Wim Hof Method” did get him out of it. After his story finished I started googling and watching video’s and my mind was blown.

🧑‍🏫 Who Should Read It?

Everybody, especially people with autoimmune diseases.

☘️ How the Book Changed Me

  • I use the method every week now. All the book does is explaining the method and life of Wim Hof getting there.
  • There are also a lot of exercises in there to try out, but you can also find them in an app or online.

📒 Summary + Notes Go read it yourself.