I’m a software architect from the Netherlands with a passion for improving your development methodology.

πŸ’‘I discovered this when I did the Architects Master Class with Juval LΓΆwy from IDesign. It showed me the value of focusing on the design phase of software development. Software design today (if practiced at all) is still practiced as a craft, rather than a repeatable engineering methodology.

In general I see customers struggling with how to get from requirements to actual implementation. My challenge is to get a customer and/or team thinking about this and transforming into a process were we capture requirements, do system design and decompose a system into smaller building blocks or services ready to be build by the team.

When I’m not working you can find me on the soccer field or under water as a diver 🌊. Next to that I’m a full time dad and love to go out on an adventure with family or friends 🏝️.

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