The Phoenix project

The Phoenix Project book is written by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford and gives you great insights on how to improve the success rate of your (IT) organization. It’s written in an entertaining, page-turning novel style. If you work in IT, or any organization for that matter, you will definitely recognize many situations and typical characters in this novel. It’s written in the same style as Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt’s book The Goal. Which was, as the authors mentioned one of their inspiration sources.

It’s a great book that will definitely get you thinking. It has thought-provoking questions and includes lot of information to practice for yourself. Because of the way it’s written (in novel form), the ideas are much more accessible to non-IT people: CEOs, CFOs and, yes, CSOs. Because of that quality, it is a must-read book for all professionals, and you should have read it by now.

As Parts Unlimited IT manager Bill is driving to his office on a Tuesday morning, he gets a call from the CEO. The call is about the Phoenix Project. It is Parts Unlimited’s new IT initiative and it’s critical to the future of the company. However, the project is way over budget and very late. He has to fix the Project in 90 days or risk losing it to an external IT team. Fortunately, Erik an IT and management expert comes to Bill’s rescue. As Bill struggles to implement the Theory of Constraints and other new concepts, there seems to be hope in the horizon. Can he revive the Phoenix Project and help save the company? Is Erik’s advice truly effective?